Something genuine and gospel centered. That’s what fuels the creative energy behind California native Josiah James’ songwriting and worship leading. After picking up the guitar at the age of 13, Josiah quickly found his calling. He began leading worship at his church and performing original music at local open mics, performing more, and eventually touring full time in 2017.

Josiah has over 1,500 gigs under his belt, performing both across the country and internationally. Working with hit producer, Colby Wedgeworth, Josiah completed 2 full length albums, and 4 EP’s. His latest release, Identity, showcases some of Josiah’s best work yet, including songs such as “Sinking Ships” and “Love Was Stronger”. The latter appeared on twice Grammy award winning band, Audio Adrenaline’s “Sound of the Saints.” Josiah also won an ASCAP award for his song “Made New;” the lead single Lincoln Brewster’s Oxygen album.

“One day I was asked to come hang out at my friend Lincoln Brewster’s house”, Josiah says, “While at his home, Lincoln told me he was a fan of my past few albums and wanted to hear some of the new songs I’d been working on. After showing him Sinking Ships and Made New, Lincoln excitedly asked if he could use the songs for his upcoming record. Before long I was signing my first publishing deals with Integrity and Fairtrade Music.”

Made New had gone on to becoming a hit radio single and has been sung in churches worldwide.