Matt and Bethany Gainsford are musicians from opposite sides of the Atlantic. Meeting in 2009 on Living Light Church's school of worship program and marrying in 2011 the Wisconsin based husband and wife duo, now go by ALPS.

ALPS are in electro-indie rock group whose songs were birthed in the trial of life but born of the hope of God. The songs, identifiably honest and engaging are wrapped in immersive, expansive guitars and cascading piano hooks that provide a landscape for arresting vocals.

ALPS journey as both artists and people has been fraught with challenge, victory, doubt, and endurance. Back in 2010 Bethany was involved in a head-on collision that nearly took her life. Broken bones, metal plates and an ensuing recovery of both the heart, body, and spirit stared her down. Music looked all but over. Fast forward to now, ALPS released their debut record in late 2017 and are touring, serving the church and looking to foster an atmosphere of worship and hope wherever they go.

The scars that we wear both on our bodies and in our hearts point to the fact that we are still here, we are still fighting, we are still overcoming and, in the weaknesses we bear, we are made strong when we cling to the hope unshakable. ALPS want to invite you into this journey, to encourage you to look higher and to know there is a hope unwavering.